What Exactly Are Modern Coins?

What Exactly Are Modern Coins?

What is deemed a “Modern Coin” has changed over the past several decades. Today, a modern coin is one struck after 1948. Some examples are the Washington Quarter and the American Silver Eagle. Many modern series contain interesting variety – some extremely rare, some extremely expensive - once only associated with older coins. The entry onto the coin scene of the coin registry concept has also generated interest for modern coins. Collectors are able to compete with one another in their set assembly and are also attracted by the affordability of completing modern coin sets. American Silver Eagles are often the first modern coin purchase and therefore are often referred to as the “gateway” coin for new collectors. Modern coin collection can be accomplished on nearly any budget.


What are Modern Rare Coins?

Modern coins become bigger investments when they are rare.  modern coin has a low mintage, like the 1996 American Silver Eagle, or is one of the very few in which the coin die is fresh, the blank coin is free of blemishes and the minted coin escapes mishandling, you may then have found a Modern Rare Coin.

Modern rarities are also comprised of coins with minting errors. Modern coins are often rife with classic condition rarities. For example, a 1999 Silver Eagle that sells for around $150 in MS 69 sells for more than $20,000 in MS 70. There is minute difference between coins but a spectacular price difference.


Buying Modern Rare Coins

Examples of modern rare coins worth investing in are the 2014-W "Baseball Hall of Fame" $5 Gold Nolan Ryan Signature 2-coin set Proof and MS70 NGC Early Release, the 2014 Silver "Baseball Hall of Fame" 50-cent MS-70 NGC Early Release and the 1999-W $10 American Gold Eagle "Error" MS-69 PCGS.

modern coins - 1995 american eagle silver proof slabmodern rare coins and coin sets, available for purchase at competitive prices, with a constantly updated portfolio of modern rare coins. Whether you're collecting rare coins to add to your antique coin collection and to satisfy your numismatic interest, or investing in modern rare coins for their inherent value, you've come to the right place. International Precious Metals has nearly 20 years of experience at the forefront of the coin industry, and is happy to offer coin buying advice for interested consumers.


Differences Between Modern Rare and Old Rare

A collector can buy a coin dating back to any time A.D for $40, yet some modern issues cost $100. Though it seems unlikely, the truth is older does not necessarily mean better. Demand is what dictates value. Modern rare coins provide  a way to secure long term retirement goals, establish a confidential protection for investment modern coins - american-gold-eagle-coins-in-boxassets to balance out the fluctuations in dollar and to enjoy owning something that will stay in demand. That is the critical advantage modern rarities have over their older counterparts. Buying rare coins can be a good investment, but the demand for old rare coins is inconsistent. Check out a rare coins price guide to get a better idea of how to invest.

Today's  global economic climate, and with regard to the changes in the US financial markets -  from ever-changing tax laws, increased U.S.  reliance on foreign goods and the fluctuations in the stock markets as well really low interest rates -  make now the time to form a modern rare coin investment portfolio. Modern rare coins are considered sound investments and have been featured in respected financial publications like the Wall Street Journal and  Money Magazine. Investment professionals recommend that some portion of one's investment portfolio contain precious metals and rare gold and silver coins.