Great Coins Stories

Great Coins Stories


There are many reasons for collecting coins. For some people, it’s all about the hunt, while others might be more interested in financial gain. Still, there are many numismatists who participate in the hobby because of the rich history tied to every coin. In fact, each piece of currency has a story to tell, whether it is how the owner acquired it or why it was produced in the first place. Getting to know these stories is just one of the many joys that coin collectors get to experience.

Some coins have incredibly intriguing tales attached to them, and that is one of the reasons that they are so sought after by collectors. In fact, the following are just a few of the greatest coin stories that might inspire your own coin-collecting journey.


Mythical Taras Didrachm VF by NGC

The first coin on the list has a bit of mythology attached to it, so you know the story has to be a good one. Around 700 BC, Spartan Refugees founded the Greek colony of Taras, located on the west coast of the Calabrian peninsula in Italy.

The story is that the leader of the colony set sail for the location under the instruction of an oracle, but he was shipwrecked before they made it to land. Before a grimmer fate could take place, he was rescued by a dolphin that carried him safely to the shores of the harbor city. Since the story mimicked the Greek myth of Poseidon’s son Taras’ own rescue, the city was given the name Taras.

After it was founded, the city flourished for nearly 500 years and became known for its robust military cavalry and Warhorse breeding. During its time, it was one of the most powerful Grecian cities, and it was extremely influential on commerce, so it should come as no surprise that the civilization’s coinage was so significant. In fact, the image of the boy riding the dolphin on this coin is one of the most fun coins to come out of Greek history.

Tiberius Tribute Penny

Another interesting piece of history can be tied to the Tiberius Tribute Penny. The significance of the coin has little to do with the design or its purpose. Instead, it’s a popular collector’s item because of its association with another story—the story of Jesus Christ.

Since Tiberius Caesar Augustus reigned as the second Roman emperor from AD 14-37, his coinage was used by Romans and Roman-ruled Jewish cities. Many people refer to this specific coin as the “Tribute Penny,” which was referenced in the Bible. In Mark:12-13, Jesus tells the Jewish Pharisees and Herodians that the Jewish people should pay the imperial Tax to Caesar. “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” 

It is believed that these coins, which were used to pay the tax, are some of the only pieces of historical artifacts that are still surviving from the Time of Christ. For that reason, historians, collectors, and religious people alike find great joy in owning one of these ancient coins.

50 Centavos Leper Colony Coin Colombia- 1921

If you’re looking for an uncommon coin that is often off the radar of most collectors, you’ll want to know more about the coins that were specially made for leprosy colonies. Between 1900 and 1930, leprosy cases had reached an all-time high, so Colombia created a currency that would be used at their leper colonies in a desperate attempt to keep healthy citizens protected from infectious skin disease.

In order to prevent coins from circulating between the colonies and the free people, Colombia came up with a different currency for each of the country’s three colonies. Even though the coins were to be kept within the colony, they were still sanitized regularly. In fact, they would be washed as often as every week. Unfortunately, this frequent washing made the coins wear down faster than others. Therefore, it is rare, but not impossible, for collectors to get their hands on a leper colony coin without significant wear.

Morgan Silver Dollars

You don’t have to look to ancient civilizations to find great stories, however. The Morgan Silver Dollar is an excellent example of the rich history of coins right here in the United States. For years, this coin has been a popular item among collectors and investors alike.

Not only does it have a gorgeous design, but it also has an interesting background as the first standard silver dollar to be minted after the Coinage Act of 1873 passed. This act was responsible for ending the production of silver coins and focusing the country’s efforts toward the gold standard. Only five years later, a new act was passed to make silver a legal tender again, so the United States started minting 2 million silver dollars per month with the design by George T. Morgan.

Unfortunately, more than 270 million of these Morgan Silver Dollars were later melted down due to low silver supply. As a result, there is a limited number remaining, so they are great for collectors seeking a challenge.

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There is no shortage of stories to be told when you enter into the world of coin collecting. That’s why so many people dedicate their lives to their collections and the history that surrounds them. If you want to add a special story to your very own collection, you’ve come to the right place.

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