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  • Question: How do I sell my coins back to IPM?
    IPM is will pay top price for part or all of your U.S. gold coins, European and world gold coins, U.S. silver dollars and bullion items. If you are interested in selling to us, it's as easy as calling 1 (800) 781-2090. You will be asked ...
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IPM Diversification Guide

Diversification Guide

Diversification is necessary to achieve a balanced investment portfolio. It allows the negative performance of some investments to be cushioned by the positive performance of others. Diversifying your assets among stocks, bonds, cash and precious metals is a sound strategy. Further diversification within the tangible assets sector, to which gold belongs, can secure even more substantial benefits.

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Rare Coin Guide

Rare Coin Guide

You’ll find rare U.S. gold coins in the investment portfolios of some of today’s most successful and respected Americans. Why is this? Rare U.S. gold can offer greater return potential than practically any other investment vehicle, and give you the opportunity to hold genuine historical treasures that reflect the development of our nation in a powerfully symbolic way.

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Coin Grading Guide

Coin Grading Guide

There is no more conservative voice than that of the coin enthusiast’s trusted old friend, the Red Book. Back when IPM first began promoting graded modern issue coins, we were treading new ground. Nowadays, graded coins of all types are widely recognized as having a very real advantage over their ungraded and uncertified counterparts.  The advent of third-party coin certification revolutionized coin markets in the 1980’s, allowing anyone to confidently trade rare and precious metals coins without having to be an expert in judging coins by the ANA/Sheldon numerical scale.

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IRA Questions and Answers


Most experts agree that a diversified retirement portfolio should have between 15-35% of the total value invested in precious metals, depending on your goals.  Precious metals and some rare coins have far outperformed any other investment vehicles over the past 30 years, so it makes a lot of sense to start a precious metals IRA.  We can help you every step of the way, from the initial account setup, all the way to provding secure depository services so you can conveniently store your coins without worry.  This handy q&a will help you get started.

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