The Liberty $5 Gold Coin: How Much Is a $5 Gold Coin Worth?

The Liberty $5 Gold Coin: How Much Is a $5 Gold Coin Worth?

How Much Is A $5 Gold Coin Worth?

When the Liberty $5 Gold Coin was in circulation from 1839 to 1908, the face value of $5 was quite significant and had tremendous spending power.

These days, the value of the coin resides in its desirability to collectors; and strictly speaking, its desirability is high. The factors that keep this coin a must-own amongst collectors are its gold value and its scarcity due to no longer being produced. As it was in circulation for around 70 years there is still a healthy pool to collect from, but this won’t always be the case. This makes it an exciting and popular investment. Unfortunately, the condition you will most commonly find the Liberty $5 Gold Coin in is poor. If you are planning to invest or start becoming a coin collector it’s extremely important you note the condition of The Liberty $5 Gold Coin before you make a decision to purchase. Despite this, even in poor condition, the coin remains highly valued and sought after by collectors around the globe.

How Much Will The Liberty $5 Gold Coin Cost?

There are many different variables that go into the value of the Liberty $5 Gold Coin. It depends largely on what dealer you are buying from, how rare the version of the coin is and how old it might be. Generally speaking, the least you will pay is around $300, even if the condition is questionable. The key to getting a good deal on the Liberty $5 Gold Coin is shopping around and checking different dealers' prices. It pays to arm yourself with some knowledge prior to doing this, including what versions of the coin sell for most or the least. The main factor is of course, condition. The better this is, the more you can expect to pay.

How Does the Future Look for The Liberty $5 Gold Coin?

As they say, the future is indeed bright, especially for the Liberty $5 Gold Coin. Although the barrier to entry is quite high considering the price, it really cannot be stated enough that there is no time like the present to invest. Due to the appreciating value of gold combined with the scarcity of the coin no longer being produced, it will only ever increase in value. This extends to even coins in poorer condition.

Which Versions of The Liberty $5 Gold Coin are Most Valuable?

There are many differing high value versions, in fact it’s important to get a general idea of how many versions of the Liberty $5 Gold Coin exist. The coin was in circulation for 70 years, and up to 3 versions of the coin were released each year. This means in a somewhat confusing fashion, there could be a hefty price difference between two coins from the same year. It goes without saying that these coins are expensive, even at the lower end of the scale $300 is not a sum of money to dismiss easily. However it must be noted that there is no better time to invest than today. The Liberty $5 Gold Coin will only ever become more expensive as time goes on. You should, if possible, aim for the rarest available as naturally this will give the best returns.

 $5 Gold Coin Weight

The $5 Gold Coin is relatively light, with no real weight felt when holding it. For a more specific answer, the gross weight of the coin is 0.1091 troy ounces or 3.393 grams. The gold that resides within the coin weighs 0.10 troy ounces or about 3.110 grams. Furthermore, the diameter is 16.5 millimeters, with a 1.19-millimeter thickness.

Modern Gold Eagles made from 1986 to present are referred to as $5 Gold Eagles and weigh 1/10 oz.

If you are looking at coins made prior to 1933 (pre-33’), the $5 face value is for both the Indian Head and Liberty designs. Those pieces are right at .25 oz. or ¼ oz.

How Much Gold Is In $5 Liberty Gold Coin?

The $5 Liberty Gold Coin is approximately made up of 90% gold, with a weight of 8.359 grams. 

Are the Gold Dollar Coins Genuinely Made Up of a Real Gold?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. There was a time many years ago that dollar coins were minted in genuine gold. However, this practice no longer exists. You can find dollar coins in silver and base metal versions as well.

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Additional Gold Coin-Related Tips: Should You Buy Gold Coins for Investment? The short answer to this question is yes. Compared to other investments, gold tends to increase in value. It’s also considered a defensive line against inflation. There are other reasons you might consider them a more practical investment too; including not having to pay capital gains tax until you decide to sell.


Can you Buy Gold Coins from Banks? Yes, although only certain banks sell them. Buying gold coins from banks is a particularly good strategy for new investors who do not know any reputable dealers or brokers yet. This is because you can guarantee the authenticity of a gold coin that comes from a bank, in a way you cannot go anywhere else. You’re also guaranteed the correct exchange rate.  What is the Purest Form of Gold? Gold and its purity can be a confusing subject. By definition pure gold means that all 24 parts of the gold are pure gold that do not contain any contamination from other metals. Strictly speaking, the purest form of gold is 24 karat gold. Although it must be noted that even its purity does not reach 100%. The purity of 24 karat gold is 99.9 finesse, although there is 99.5 finesse gold available that is also considered officially to be 24 karat gold.

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