Our Guide to Numismatic Coin Values

Our Guide to Numismatic Coin Values

Our Guide to Numismatic Coin Values

What is the Numismatic Value?

Numismatic value is the price you can reasonably expect to receive through the sale of a circulated, uncirculated or proof coin from your collection.

The Numismatic fair market value is determined primarily by the scarcity of the coin, its condition, supply, and demand. Even coins with high issue rates can be scarce thereby increasing in demand. And the value of these coins is increasing over time as numismatic coins become harder and harder to find.

A coin's condition is graded on a scale of 1 to 70 by experts with specialized training using a rigid set of guidelines. Coins with a grade of 70 are considered flawless.numismatic value - total products sold

Supply is another factor used to assign numismatic value. Hoarding, economic instability and political unrest contribute to a decrease in supply, benefiting collectors. Several characteristics lead to demand for a coin including quality, rarity and history.

Numismatic Value of Gold Coins

Gold has been in high demand for all of recorded history. And as a result, the precious metal has never lost its inherent value. For the numismatic collector, the American Eagle Gold Proof coin is an affordable way to add gold to a collection. 

These coins, first minted in 1986, have a limited mintage. They are available in one-ounce, half-ounce, one-quarter ounce and one-tenth ounce denominations or in a four-coin set with one of each. The American Eagle Gold Proof is minted at the United States Mint at West Point and each bears the “W” mintmark. These coins are considered some of the most beautiful in the world. The weight and purity of these coins are backed by the U.S. government and can be sold for cash and coins at precious metal dealers the world over.

When assessing numismatic value, it is important to understand the history and background of a coin. For example, how much is a gold American Eagle coin worth? Read more about it on our blog.


Numismatic Value of Silver

Silver's conductive and reflective properties have won it the title of the most used metal on earth in industrial and technological applications. This of course has informed demand for precious metal. For investors,

American Eagle Silver Proof coins are specially-produced versions of the American Eagle Silver, the official United States. They are only available in the one-ounce denomination and like their gold counterpart; they are minted at West Point and bear the “W” mintmark.

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Numismatic Coin Values You Can Trust

The United States Mint guarantees the weight and purity of every coin it produces. Numismatists all over the world over trust U.S. coins to meet the exacting specifications set forth by the Mint. But while many other governments mint their own coins, it cannot be presumed that those coins meet the same standards as do those produced by the United States. For that reason, U.S. coins are a safer investment.

Additionally, U.S. Mint coins for sale (offered on our site) represent a strong way to diversify one's investments and portfolio - instead of digital currency, which could hypothetically disappear, one can diversify with a more stable, physical currency such as U.S. coins.


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