2-Coin Succession of the Sovereign Gold Proof Set

• Limited (999) Sets Available in Total!

• From the British Royal Mint
• Flawless Proof 70 Grade Coins

• Includes Set Certificate Signed by Jody Clark

In celebration of the coronation of King Charles III, International Precious Metals is proud to offer an exceptional 2-Coin Proof Set featuring the first gold Sovereign that displays the new King's effigy! Boasting a history dating back to 1489, the British Gold Sovereign is one of the world’s most recognized and coveted gold coins.

So coveted are these coins, that a rare 1937 issue sold in 2020 for $1.3M!

The Sovereign has always been the coin that best represented royalty, and during the height of English power, it was THE international trade coin for well over a century. Gold Sovereigns are so well respected and accepted as money world-wide that our very own U.S. Navy soldiers had sovereigns as part of an emergency “Escape and Evasion” survival kit. This gave them a means to buy their way to freedom if they were ever caught behind enemy lines. 

When the Queen passed away last September, it instantly made ANY coin featuring her effigy immediately desirable. Millions of investors and collectors world-wide scrambled to find anything dated 2022 with her image on the obverse. Her image has graced over 35 countries coins, meaning literal BILLIONS of coins have her image on them. The final gold Sovereign displaying Queen Elizabeth II was issued by the Commonwealth Mint in England.



The British Royal Mint, who also issues gold Sovereigns, announced shortly after the Queen's death that they would issue the VERY FIRST gold Sovereign with the effigy of King Charles III. When they began accepting orders for pre-sale on November 15th, of 2022 it created such a huge demand that the website actually had to put people in virtual queues as they couldn’t handle all the traffic coming in at once!

Like American Gold Eagles from the United States Mint, Gold Sovereigns are 22 karat, .917 pure, and they have an amazing rose gold color due to the coin's small amount of copper alloy. The Queen’s Sovereign carries the image of “The Four Graces” on one side - four women dressed in Grecian gowns representing Devotion, Strength, Wisdom, and Leadership. This is certainly a fitting tribute to the Queen.

The King Charles Sovereign features the design of The Royal Arms flanked by the Royal Lion and Unicorn. The French phrase DIEU ET MON DROIT can be seen in the design, which is the official motto of the Royal family meaning “God and my right”. 


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