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  • Troy Ounces vs. Avoirdupois Ounces

    The differences between the weighing system of Troy and Avoirdupois are slight, but extremely important for anybody who deals with precious metals.

    In this blog post we’ll outline how each weighing system differs and how best to understand them. Read More »

  • Edmund C. Moy’s Signature Coin

    Edmund C. Moy is the 38th Director of the U.S. Mint and one of the leading rare coin experts alive today. He is a published author and frequent media correspondent on economic policy, with a focus on currency and precious metals. Moy’s book, American Gold and Platinum Eagles, is one of the pre-eminent references for coin collectors today. Read More »

  • John M. Mercanti Signature Coins

    John M. Mercanti is the 12th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, and is a living legend among the coin collecting world. He is one of the most respected and prolific coin engravers of the modern era. During his 36 year tenure at the U.S. Mint, he was known to be an extremely active coin designer, where he has been attributed to the design of over 100 coins and medals. Read More »

  • An Overview of Signature & Certified Coins

    Collecting rare coins can be an extremely rewarding investment, but valuing a coin is a daunting experience for many beginners. Fortunately, the practice of valuing a rare coin is the responsibility of third party grading services. Read More »

  • IPM Secures Prestigious Designation with First American Palladium Eagle Coin

    (October 9, 2017) - International Precious Metals (IPM), a leading provider of rare certified coins and physical precious metals, announced that they have secured an exclusive allocation of signature label 2017 one ounce American Palladium Eagle Bullion coins. This is the first palladium coin ever struck by the United States Mint and is the first new American Eagle Bullion coin to be released in twenty years. Read More »

  • Cybercrime, Cryptocurrency, & How to Keep Your Money Safe

    Have you ever heard of the saying “harder to break into than Fort Knox?” The phrase means that accomplishing a task is difficult, bordering on the impossible. A huge portion of the US’s past gold reserves were stored at Fort Knox in the past and it was never robbed. Gold is safe to invest and safe to own – it’s been a proven safe haven asset for centuries. Read More »

  • The Impact & Influence of Edmund Moy

    Edmund Moy is a visionary, political leader, businessman, author, and public speaker.

    He has been the director of the U.S. Mint, an advisor to a president, director of the nation’s healthcare systems, key correspondent for various news agencies, and board member of public, private and non-profit boards. Read More »

  • Rare Coin Market: Why are rare coins so popular?

    As the stock market’s bull run continues, investors are looking to find ways to diversify their holdings and the rare coin market has been an answer to many. The popularity of holding on rare coins as investments has skyrocketed, due to the similarity the market shares with vintage items. However, a key difference is that the rare coin market has a rock-solid infrastructure of auctions and graders that keep the market liquid and reliable. Read More »

  • Why Gold is a Safe Haven Investment

    Gold has always been a compelling financial option– for decades, even centuries, investors have all been attracted to gold bullion as a safe haven investment. The expectation from many investors it that gold prices stay stable or even increase during times of market turmoil, and it turns out that they are right. Read More »

  • World Gold Reserves: Top Countries, Repatriation, and Risk Mitigation

    After the subprime mortgage crisis and the Eurozone crisis, the importance of mitigating risk has become a prime concern for many nations. One of the growing risk factors is the increasing risk associated with the U.S. dollar – investor’s confidence in the dollar has been shaken by recent events such as the subprime crisis, the fall of Lehman brothers, and actions taken by President Trump. Read More »

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