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14AD-37AD Tiberius Denarius "Tribute Penny" Fine to Choice Mint-State

IPM has another exclusive Ancient Coin allocation of "Tribute Pennies" from NGC. Ruler in the time of Christ, Tiberius is most famous for reigning during the time of Christ’s crucifixion. The coinage of Tiberius has become synonymous with the Bible, as it is one of the only surviving historical artifacts closely associated with the time of Christ. The origin of its name lies in passages from Mark 12:13-17, with similar passages in Matthew 22:16 and Luke 20:22. When asked about paying taxes to the Roman emperor, Jesus, holding a penny, eloquently responds – “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” A denarius, "Tribute Penny", was often the day’s wage for a soldier or laborer. The coin features the crowned head of Tiberius, while the reverse features a seated Livia holding an olive branch, a symbol of peace. Featured as coin no. 50 in 100 Greatest Ancient Coins, the "Tribute Penny" is one of the most important artifacts from the ancient world! Call your Account Representative now to take advantage of our historical specimens at unbeatable prices!

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Tiberius Denarius Tribute Penny

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  • Tiberius Denarius Tribute Penny Tiberius Denarius Tribute Penny
  • Tiberius Denarius Tribute Penny Tiberius Denarius Tribute Penny

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