Silver Peace Dollars

Silver Peace Dollar

Whether you want the complete peace dollar set or you’re just dipping into silver investments, you should know several things about peace silver dollars for sale. The coins circulated for nearly ten years with an interruption in production following the 1928 Liberty Dollar. Production began again in a few years, starting with the 1934 dollar coin. Unfortunately, it was short-lived, with the 1935 Liberty Dollar being the last. 

Top Reasons to Buy the Silver Peace Dollar

The Silver Content

Even cheap silver dollars have 90% silver and 10% copper with .77344 ounces of silver. 

Solid Market Demand

If you are looking for a strong investment piece to add to your portfolio, the 1921 Peace Dollar has had a consistent market demand.

Iconic Design

The Peace design is the last of the new silver dollar designs.

Silver Peace Dollar History

After nearly 20 years of not minting any new silver dollars, the Peace Dollar arrived to commemorate the end of WWI. It quickly replaced the Morgan design when silver dollar production resumed in 1921. It was not an easy road, however. Supporters of the new Peace Dollar struggled for nearly a year until they realized that the Morgan Dollar was eligible for replacement, after more than 25 years of production.

How Was the Peace Silver Dollar Design Chosen?

The US held a competition to choose the coin’s new design, and amongst the competitors were a few sculptors, George T. Morgan, and an Italian-American sculptor named Anthony de Francisci. Though he was relatively new to coin design, de Francisci was the unanimous winner. Treasury Secretary Mellon approved his design on December 20, 1921.

When Did Production Begin for the US Peace Silver Dollar?

Eight days after approval, the first Peace dollar was struck, and 1,006,473 coins were minted before the end of the year. As a result, it can be challenging to find a 1921 Peace Dollar for sale. It remained in production until 1928, when the last of the 1918 Pittman Act Silver was struck.

Where did the 1934 Liberty Dollar come from?

Congress passed another act in 1934 that ordered the Mint to buy silver from American mines for coin production. From there, seven million Silver Peace dollars joined circulation until the last 1935 dollar coin was struck. In January 1937, the iconic dies were destroyed, signifying the end of an era.

Silver Peace Dollar Design

Despite the scrutiny of the initial design, the design we recognize today was quickly created for production on December 28, 1921. The 1921 peace silver dollar depicted an eagle with an olive branch rather than a broken sword, which people interpreted as a sign of defeat. Unfortunately, the new symbol of peace soon had to be reworked when the Mint realized the design was causing dies to break.

De Francisci’s design won the competition for the 1921 Liberty head dollar. The obverse side of the coin has a left-facing Liberty donning a crown. The word “LIBERTY” sits at the top of the coin while “IN GOD WE TRUST” surrounds Liberty’s neck. On the reverse side, the bald eagle holds the iconic olive branch with “PEACE” lining the bottom edge.

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