1776 $1 Continental

1776 $1 Continental "CURENCY" Extremely Fine - XF40 Grade by PCGS

2017 U.S. Mint's 225th Anniversary  Enhanced Uncirculated Set

2017 U.S. Mint's 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Set "First Day of Issue" Perfect SP-70 Grade “Edmund C. Moy” Hand-Signed Label by NGC

1776 $1 Continental "CURENCY" Extremely Fine - VF-35 Grade by PCGS

1776 $1 Continental "CURENCY" Extremely Fine - VF-35 Grade by PCGS
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  • Earliest coins issued by the authority of the United States Congress
  • Designed with inspiration from Benjamin Franklin
  • The obverse features a sun dial and the word “Fugio” - symbolic for the passing of time
  • The reverse features 13 interlocked rings with a message inside stating - “AMERICAN CONGRESS, WE ARE ONE.”
  • PCGS Population: Only 6 Coins!

1776 was a momentous year for the thirteen American Colonies.  On July 4 of that year, delegates to the Continental Congress signed a Declaration of Independence, sending notice to England and the rest of the world that the Colonies would submit no longer to outside governance and interference.  In recognition of the solidarity of the Colonies and their assumption of the right as a sovereign entity to coin their own monies, plans were made to issue a Silver Dollar.  Patterns, using designs provided by Benjamin Franklin, were struck in Pewter, Brass, and Silver.

A Top 100 U.S. Coin, the 1776 Pewter Continental Currency Dollar is a very mysterious issue, as there is no documentation known authorizing its issue. This particular variety is known for its incorrect spelling of the word currency on the obverse die. Eric Newman has three different die combinations for this variety all using the same obverse die and, in fact, using the same reverse die. However, the reverse die was modified twice during its usage to strike coins in three different metals, Pewter, Brass and Silver.  The Pewter Continental Dollar coin is one of the most symbolically important and historic coins ever struck, and a major display of American might and sovereignty.

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