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Palladium precious metal is one of six metals in the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). It is notable for its rarity, low tarnish rate, high heat resistance, and high electrical conductivity. Though it is similar to platinum, it is more durable and has a lower melting point. Investing in palladium can be highly lucrative and yield high returns in the long run.

Where Does Palladium Come from?

Out of all of the countries in the world, palladium is only sourced from four: Russia, South Africa, Canada, and the United States. The largest supply outputs come from Russia with South Africa following closely. It is mostly extracted as a byproduct of mining for platinum, nickel, and other metals.

How Much is Palladium?

Currently, prices are at about $2,500 per one ounce of palladium bullion. When you look at the costs of palladium vs. gold, palladium is more expensive, and experts doubt that the price will drop anytime soon. Instead, they expect more pressure to force the price up. 

How to Invest in Palladium

Once people discover the benefits, they immediately want to know how to buy palladium. Fortunately, IPM makes it easy to buy palladium coins and bullion online. As one of the largest and most recognized dealers in the U.S., we are happy to help you find “palladium near me.” You can check our product listings to find palladium bars for sale. You can also call us at (800) 781-2090 to request pricing.  

Palladium Bars For Sale

A palladium bar can be used in many areas. Despite being notably rate and limited in supply, it serves a great role in the manufacturing industry. In addition to being a key component in catalytic converter production, it is also used for:

  • Dentistry Items
  • Blood Sugar Test Strips
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Groundwater Treatment
  • And More!

At IPM, we palladium bars for sale to add to your investment portfolio. You can purchase one-ounce bars, or you can ask our experts about the price of our ten-ounce bars.

why Buy Palladium?

With all of the other precious metals available, you might be wondering why you should invest in palladium bars. However, there are five key reasons that you should buy palladium bars from the United States Gold Bureau.

  • Rarer Than Other Precious Metals: Since palladium is 15 times rarer than platinum and 30 times rarer than gold, it is currently one of the rarest precious metals you can purchase.
  • Increasing in Investment Interest: Because of its rarity, its popularity is growing. Not to mention it is vastly applicable across the globe. For both of those reasons, its investment interest continues to rise.
  • Held to High Purity Standards: Though you can certainly acquire palladium metal in other ways, purchasing it from the United States Gold Bureau ensures that the metal is .9995 fine. 
  • Option to Include with Other Investments: If you have a traditional or Roth IRA, palladium is one of the few commodity metals that you can include in your portfolio.
  • Diversification Benefits: When you invest in silver, palladium, gold, and other precious metals, you can add more depth and variety to your holdings.

Palladium History

English chemist William Hyde Wollaston initially discovered palladium in 1802, but he didn’t credit himself as the founder until 1805. In those three years, other chemists denounced palladium as simply an alloy of platinum and mercury. However, Wollaston worked to prove that palladium was its own precious metal.

Despite being discovered over a century before, palladium didn’t become a commodity metal until industrial countries began to use it in automobile production in the 1970s. The United States is one of the most notable countries using the metal to enforce emissions standards along with other goods.

If you’re looking to buy, sell or invest in palladium coins or palladium bullion you’ve come to the right place. International Precious Metals offers a variety of palladium coins and bars for sale, and has been at the forefront of numismatics for nearly 20 years now. We carry a variety of palladium coins for sale including the American palladium eagle. Explore our collection for other palladium coins, palladium bars, and palladium white gold. If you’re interested in learning more about our palladium coins or our palladium pricing, you can contact us at any time. IPM has grown to become one of the largest and most recognized nationwide dealers of U.S. palladium coins, and a leader in rare historic U.S. palladium. Investing in Palladium is an investment for the future. 

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