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MS70 Coins For Sale: Gold Eagle, Silver Eagle, Gold Buffalo & More

What is a PF-70 Coin?

When you begin collecting coins, it’s easy to let all of the acronyms and coin grading systems confuse you. You’ll find coins classified from PR-1 to EF-45 for circulated coins. Uncirculated coins, proof coins, and Mint State coins all have their own classifications, including a PF-70 and MS-70 coin. If you’ve heard collectors and investors mention the PF-70 coin grade, you might not understand what they are referring to, but after reading this guide, you’ll be fully prepared to invest.

A PF-70 coin grade refers to a Proof-70 coin. A proof coin has been meticulously struck and pressed by hand to create a highly refined coin design. Each coin should have exceptionally sharp images, complete with a high sheen.

Proof coin grades are based on the Sheldon scale, so you can find proof coins rated from 1 to 70. The higher the number, the closer the coin is to being perfect. Most proof coins fall between 60 and 70. Since a Proof 70 coin is considered perfect, it is one of the rarest proof coins, and as a result, they are some of the best pieces for investors.

Buying PF-70 Coins

More and more people are realizing the value in coin investments, so the demand for PF-70 coins continues to grow. With this increase, the coin also continues to increase in price. Fortunately, you don’t have to miss out on the chance to own your very own PF-70 coin. 


At International Precious Metals, we offer a wide range of PF-70 coins from which you can choose. You can look through our vast catalog of collector and investment-grade coins to find:


  • 1 OZ Platinum PF-70 Coins
  • PF-70 Silver Eagle Coins
  • PF-70 Gold Eagle Coins
  • PF-70 Palladium Eagle Coins
  • 1 OZ Gold Buffalo

IPM also has several helpful service representatives to help you find the right piece for your investment portfolio or collection. We offer an assortment of coins to fit any budget, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to help you find your next PF-70 coin.

What Is A MS-70 Coin?

In addition to Proof Coins, you may also find perfect Mint State coins, which are classified as MS-70. Mint State coins can be spotted due to their matte finish. They don’t have quite the shine that you would expect of a Proof coin. You’ll also find that all MS coins have been graded. They must go through an evaluation to get their MS label. Proof coins, on the other hand, don’t have to be graded. A proof coin is always a proof coin, no matter what it is graded as.


Proof coins and Mint State coins also vary in pricing. Luster, strike, eye appeal, and surface preservation impact the value of a proof coin. Rarity is another factor that you must take into consideration when pricing a PF-70 or MS-70. Even a misperception of rarity can cause a coin to increase in value.

Buy MS-70 Coins

To find the most accurate pricing for perfect coins, come to IPM. We have many MS-70 coins for sale. Whether you are searching for the oldest MS-70 coin in the world or want to collect all of the MS-70 silver coins, we have you covered. You can search through our catalog or contact an expert to help you search through our products, which include:

  • MS-70 Silver Eagle Coin
  • MS-70 Buffalo Gold Coin
  • MS-70 Gold Eagle

To get started with your perfect coin collection, reach out to International Precious Metals right away. Our knowledgeable service representatives can answer any of your questions to help you make an investment with confidence. You can reach our professionals by calling, submitting our online contact form, or you can live chat with an expert through our website.

If you’re looking to buy perfect, proof or ms70 coins you’ve come to the right place. International Precious Metals offers a variety of proof 70 coins for sale, and has been at the forefront of numismatics for nearly 20 years now. We carry a variety of perfect and ms70 coins for sale including the ms70 silver eagle. Explore our collection for other ms70 and proof coins, including the ms70 gold buffalo, proof 70 silver eagles and other perfect 70 coins. If you’re interested in learning more about our perfect coins or our pricing, you can contact us at any time. IPM has grown to become one of the largest and most recognized nationwide dealers of U.S. ms70 coins.. Investing in ms70 and proof coins is an investment worthwhile. 

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