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Gold American Buffalo Coin Value

In 2006, The United States Mint introduced the first Gold American Buffalo Coin. Though it was initially produced as a 1-ounce coin with .9999 fine gold, it is now available in several sizes—from 1/10 ounce to 1 ounce. Although it has notable gold content, its historical design makes it incredibly popular among investors and collectors.

That’s not the only reason you should buy one of these unique gold coins. Many people seek the American Buffalo Gold Coin for the following reasons:

  • High Demand: With both investors and collectors interested in gold coins, you can always expect significant demand for Gold Buffalo Coin.
  • Pure Gold: Every Buffalo Coin contains .9999 fine gold, so you can be sure you are getting the purest coins on the market.
  • IRA Inclusion: Not all precious metals can be included in your IRA, but these gold coins can.
  • Portfolio Diversity: Adding some historical gold coins is an excellent way to diversify your investments. 

The Gold American Buffalo Design

As mentioned, the historical design of the Gold Buffalo Coin is one of the major things that set the coins apart. Though they weren’t produced until 2006, the design is actually based off of the 1913-1938 Buffalo Nickel. The iconic design was originally created by American sculptor James Earle Fraser. However, the Gold Buffalo Coin isn’t an exact replica.

The adapted version still has the blended profile based on three prominent Native American Chiefs—Big Tree, Iron Tail, and Two Moons. Its obverse side also features the word “LIBERTY” above the intricately detailed face. The mintage date and location can also be found on this side on the bottom left portion of the coin.

On the opposite side, you’ll find the other iconic component of the historical design—the buffalo. The design was based on Black Diamond, one of the country’s most beloved bison housed in the Central Park Zoo. Above the bison, you’ll see “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.” Below him, the value and gold content sit with the words “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

1 oz Gold American Buffalo Coins

While most American Gold Buffalo Coins are offered as 1-ounce rounds with a $50 face value, don’t be surprised if you find some fractional Buffalos out there. For a brief amount of time, the Mint experienced difficulties in the supply of American Bullion. As a result, they minted several fractional Buffalo coins in 2008.

That’s not all!

The Gold Buffalo Coin is also available in both a 1-ounce bullion coin and a 1-ounce proof coin. If you want extra value from your investment, we recommend purchasing the latter. A coin with a proof finish has been specially treated and produced to create a flawless finish. Your proof coin also comes with a special display or felt folder and a protective capsule. The folder should also contain a certificate of authenticity from the mint.

Buy Gold American Buffalo Coins

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