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Why Diversify?

A wealth preservation plan will help ensure a lasting legacy for you and your family. At IPM, we can work with you to understand your short and long-term objectives and put you in the right products at the right time. As a client of International Precious Metals we’ll help you protect your wealth and legacy goals during your lifetime and for future generations.

Short Term Wealth Plan - Looking For the Highest Returns Over the Short-Term? Gold, Silver and Platinum American Eagles are guaranteed in content, purity and weight by the United States government and are an accepted asset in investment markets throughout the world. These bullion coins are minted by the U.S. Mint. Because these one-ounce modern-issue bullion coins are not governed by the same financial climate as stocks and bonds, their value has remained consistent despite the recent market volatility. While investment grade gold coins enjoy all the same benefits as bullion, they have a higher profit potential. Rare coins, such as generic date $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins, are readily obtainable and have a value primarily based on the spot price of metal. They also possess numismatic value and their numbers are limited which add to their profit potential. The Saint-Gaudens coin’s value is two-fold. It is desirable for both its pure gold content and it’s value as an historical collectible. It is best to hold bullion type coins and investment grade gold for about three years to realize their full potential.



Medium Term Wealth Plan - Certain Rare Coins Offer High Returns Over the Medium-Term. Certain modern-issue coins can behave like rare, collectible coins. American Eagle Gold coins are struck in four denominations ranging from one-tenth ounce up to a full ounce of gold. Low demand for smaller sizes results in lower mintages. At year’s end, collectors may be surprised to find some of these to be relatively scarce. That scarcity can be greatly leveraged by holding the most desirable specimens of these coins. Particularly those inspected and certified as flawless or nearly so by independent grading services. Such specimens can enjoy increased value within a few years years or even months after the conclusion of a mintage year. Many historic U.S. Gold coins minted between 1890-1933 can also offer faster potential than bullion because of their scarcity in collector markets, while retaining much of their value from the metal content as well.


Long Term Wealth Plan - Long-Term Investment Offers Highest Returns. Truly elite and rare modern and historic U.S. coins derive the greatest part of their value from their rarity. GraphWhen U.S. coins were first minted, they were circulated as the currency of the day. Most of these coins degraded or were melted down just a few years after their mintage. In 1933, the U.S. government, in response to the Great Depression, confiscated the majority of remaining U.S. coins from its citizens. They were then melted down. Coins, numbering in the millions, were again melted down in the 1980s, when gold soared to $850 an ounce. These coins, the most speculative of precious metal holdings, offer the greatest return potential. In recent years they have proven to be active, high-performance investment vehicles. Because they generally move in the opposite direction of stocks and bonds, they can act as a counterweight against volatility. They can also increase in value whether or not gold bullion prices go up. Historically, the collection of these rare gold and silver coins was relegated to those wealthy enough to afford an inspection by a professional numismatist. But the advent of standardized grading has opened this coin class to all investors, who are now free to trade, sight-unseen, based on the certified grade assigned by grading services such as PCGS, the Professional Coin Grading Service, or NGC, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Access to these services has made rare coins the most liquid of all collectibles. All of this has drawn many new investors who were previously unfamiliar with these collectibles, thereby creating a higher demand for these coins.


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