Customer Testimonials

At IPM, we're proud of the relationships we've built with our clients over the years!  Our strategy is to help our clients properly diversify inside their metals portfolio.   To us, it makes more sense to help you focus on a complete strategy, as opposed to just offering products with no rhyme or reason as to why you should purchase our products.  Please consider what some of our clients have to say about our company:


William D.

“I have had experience with a number of other firms, but have switched exclusively to IPM, not only for its more competitive pricing, but for the superior quality of products and its superlative attention to customer service. No request is too challenging or too trivial for the team of experts at IPM. They are extremely helpful seeing that I am satisfied with each transaction.”

Nancy M

“My IPM account representative has been extremely professional in all my conversations. I am extremely confident in her management of my portfolio.”

Richard T.

“I would not hesitate to recommend IPM to anyone who is interested in buying or selling precious metals. They are not always the lowest bidder on purchases I make, but they are more often than not. I don’t sell much, but they have given me the best offer when I have, and even increased their offer upon receiving my products.”

Denis D.

“I have been doing business with IPM for nearly ten years. During that time your firm has been very helpful to me in managing my precious metals investments. Your professionalism and customer service are beyond reproach. Your advice has helped me realize excellent gains with my precious metals portfolio. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.”

Chuck H.

“IPM is a great company to do business with! I’ve been dealing with this firm since about 2003 and have always received excellent customer service. I’ve found their prices to be competitive and my sales executive to be very knowledgeable of the market. No high-pressure tactics, quick shipping of all my purchases and straightforward, honest answers to my questions have kept me turning to this firm time and time again. In my book they are one of the best out there.”

John H.

“I first called IPM in 2009 and was immediately connected with a representative. I only work with her when I call. She is knowledgeable and took time to educate me early on. She knows what I like and don’t like and doesn’t bother me with promotions that don’t interest me. I have found IPM’s products to be very much worth the price. The last thing I want is a cheap investment that turns out to be a poor investment when I am ready to cash in.”

Jack T.

“I have been a client of IPM since 2001. I have enjoyed a good working relationship with some of their account executives through the years. My current representative has been very helpful in buying a few coins from us as well as selling us other precious metals investments. We received a higher price than quoted on the telephone after they received our coins. I have not had that experience with other coin dealers.”

Ginny R.

“We’d like to extend our thanks and appreciation for expediting our coin sale proceeds for us in such a timely manner. It was wonderful to work with your account executive, who greatly assisted us in this matter. Again, thank you for all of your assistance.”

Daniel C.

“I have been very pleased with the many benefits I have received from doing business with IPM over the last 14 years. Compared to the companies that I had done business with previously, I have been impressed with the personal service, integrity and honest concern for my welfare. They advise me in coin purchases, offering but not pressuring me. With their consistent help I have been able to purchase at competitive prices coins that I have wanted for a collection. Prices for the purchase and resale of coins have been favorable, and have enabled me to achieve profits of up to 400% with their guidance. All their products have been of high quality, well packaged, and pleasing. I can certainly recommend them highly.”

Bronte S.

“With experience as a life-long amateur coin collector, I became more interested in the investment potential for coins and precious metals about ten years ago. During this past decade I have bought and traded coins through four well-advertised national dealers. Learning through this experience, I now conduct all of my buying, selling and exchanging of coins through IPM. IPM has proven itself a very reputable and professional coin dealership, and has consistently been very fair in negotiating buy and sell prices. Unlike its competitors, IPM’s trades are transparent, well-documented and timely. While the past ten years have been kind to traders in coins and metals, IPM’s expertise and recommendations for coin investments have, with very few exceptions, supported yields well beyond respective base metal values. We continue to value IPM as our sole coin and metals dealership.”