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IPM is leading the industry as a full-service tangible asset management company offering serious investors valuable tools, unique market knowledge, and a range of products necessary to help you meet your investment goals. We offer a broad range of products and services, and specialize in helping clients capitalize on the many financial advantages offered by investing in tangible assets.

IPM tailors investment strategies to meet our clients’ personal financial risk thresholds; whether it is protecting and preserving equity or growing their investments over time.  We developed a broad range of products and services to accommodate any investment strategy… From Bullion (like Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium) to Semi-Numismatic Gold and Silver U.S. Coinage… and from Pre ’33 U.S. Gold and Silver U.S. Coinage to Rare Numismatic Coins.  The primary focus of IPM is to provide institutional and individual investors, the opportunity to invest in a tangible asset portfolio with a firm that is dedicated to understanding investor needs, and protecting the interest of the investor.   Couple

We understand that every investor is unique, and they do not share the same goals, tolerance for risk, and market knowledge… so one singular investment strategy will not be compatible with every type of investor. We work closely with each client to clearly identify specific financial goals and outline all investment parameters, before suggesting an investment strategy.  IPM can help you to build an investment strategy that will weather rough economic times. Investors who rely exclusively on stocks and bonds can find themselves vulnerable as market conditions change, but the portfolio that is fortified with bullion and rare coin holdings can flourish, come what may. Ask your account executive to help you start balancing your metals portfolio today. 

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It is not possible to accurately state that one tangible asset sector is "better” than another, each has a role to play in a properly diversified portfolio, each tangible asset sector has its own role to play, one is not better than another.  For thousands of years gold and silver have been treasured as storehouses of value and trusted mediums of exchange during prosperity and crisis alike.  Gold and silver coins have never been worth zero... They are the only form of money that, when purchased, aren’t immediately some else’s liability.

One of the most popular ways to invest in gold and silver is to buy bullion coins, which are valuable strictly because of their precious metals content.  This is an effective way to own gold because they are highly liquid and recognized globally.

You know in today’s market you have to exercise caution, be smart and be very careful about whom you entrust your hard-earned money.  Most importantly, you have to avoid investing in coins that are not suitable for investment, due to a lack of scarcity, high mark ups or both.  The rarity of a coin plays the decisive role in establishing its value… Investors should always invest in the rarest coins they can afford.  Scarcer coins may cost a bit more, although they also have historically provided the highest long-term rewards.  The key is to purchase the right coins at the right price, dealing directly with a reputable company like IPM.


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