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Twelve Caesars 12 Coin Collector's Set

The Finest Examples of True Historical Relics

Never before have we been able to offer our clients the ability to own 2000+ year old ancient artifacts. With the announcement from NGC of a program to finally authenticate and grade ancient coins, IPM is exclusively positioned to offer our clients the unique ablity to invest in certified, authentic historical relics. Much like when NGC and PCGS began grading US coins in the mid-1980's, the same situation is at hand with these ancient coins. Savvy investors recognize that getting into markets at the beginning is often wise, and when coupled with the possibility to own something that has spanned millenia, is unprecedented.

There have been many ancients in the US market in the past, but up until recently, there was no way to certify their authenticity or condition. IPM has managed to gather the best of the best of these artifacts, typically better than museum quality, for our clients. These are certified authentic, and graded by NGC. There are 3 different types of sets, spanning gold, silver, bronze, and electrum (a naturally occurring mix of gold and silver). Prices range from "very affordable", all the way into 6 figures. Some of the examples are unbelievable - represented during the time of Nero and the burning of Rome, Tiberius during the time of Jesus Christ, Emperor Titus while the Colosseum was being built, and the list goes on. The history spanning these sets represents the dawn of money, where coins were often minted in the battlefield to pay soldiers. As time wore on, many coins that did survive were defaced as the emperors came and went, or were destroyed, or lost. The sets that we have put together represent not only ultra-rare artifacts, but the very best examples of those that survived this long. Because we have assembled such a diverse group of these examples, anyone can afford to begin their collection.

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Twelve Caesars 12 Coin Collector's Set

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