Return Policy

Guarantee: “If you are not satisfied with your purchase FOR ANY REASON, we will happily give you a refund within TEN (10) DAYS of the sale.” What this means is that we will give you your money back, excluding shipping and insurance charges (if any), so long as you do the following:

1.) Return the product to us within TEN (10) DAYS of the day you received it. The purchase must arrive in our store within Fifteen Days of the date on your receipt. 2.) Return the product to us in the ORIGINAL PACKAGING, with the coins in the same condition in which they were purchased, with their holders not being tampered with or otherwise disturbed. We cannot accept returns in cases where original, sealed packaging or holders have been opened or subject to other tampering, because this can bring into question the circulation quality, and thus the value, of the coins.

EXCEPTIONS: All sales or trades of bullion products of any and all precious metals are FINAL, and cannot be returned to us. Due to the potential market fluctuations of these items we cannot accept returns on bullion sales. Additionally, no guarantee applies to transactions involving any coin or other item, which are a special order, or for which special price and/or payment terms have been negotiated. In such cases sales are considered to be final.

Return Policy: If you paid CASH for your purchase (including check, bank wire or money order), the full amount of the purchase will be refunded to you by check, less any shipping and insurance charges. If you paid for your purchase with a credit card, we will credit the amount of your purchase to the card on which the purchase was made, less shipping and insurance charges.

Cash Discount Policy: All cash sales are eligible for a 3% discount. By “Cash” we mean the following types of payment: (1.) Cash—legal tender of the United States of America; (2.) Certified checks; money orders; or other bearer instruments which are immediately negotiable; and (3.) Your personal check, so long as the check is dated for the same date that the sale is made. IPM may verify and confirm that the check is immediately negotiable before confirming the payment.

Choice of Law: This sale occurred, for all purposes, in Hardin County, State of Texas; and a Court of proper jurisdiction in Hardin County, State of Texas is the sole forum for any legal disputes which may arise on account of any sales made by International Precious Metals, Inc. to anyone, or on account of any other dispute which may arise on account of the operation of International Precious Metals. All items are offered for sale on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to prior sale. All prices are subject to change without notice. All offers are void where prohibited by law.