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Liberty Head Gold Coin

Since the US authorized American gold coins in 1792, several different gold coins have been struck. However, none were as beloved as the long-running Liberty Head coin—not to be confused with the Statue of Liberty gold coin.

The Liberty Head coin was minted for 69 years, starting with the Liberty Head Eagle in 1838 to the 1907 gold coin. Production was slower in the beginning, but the 1903 gold coin exceeded 1.2 million.

Gold Coin Denominations Struck in the Liberty Head Design

For nearly 70 years, the Liberty Head design was minted, which exceeds all of the other versions of coins by almost 50 years. Throughout its run, it was stamped on a variety of different coins with different values, including:

  • Liberty Head Gold Coin
  • Liberty Head Half Eagle
  • Liberty Head Quarter Eagle
  • Liberty Head Gold Dollar
  • Liberty Head Double Eagle

Liberty Head Eagle (1838-1907) Quick Facts

  • $10 Face Value
  • 90% Gold and 10% Copper
  • .48375 Troy Ounces of Gold
  • Reeded Edge
  • First Coin Struck with Design
  • Took Nearly a Decade to Mint One Million

Liberty Head Half Eagle (1839-1907) Quick Facts

  • $5 Face Value
  • 90% Gold and 10% Copper
  • “Green Gold” Coins Minted in Charlotte & Dahlonega Had Natural Silver Content (5%)
  • .242 Troy Ounces of Gold
  • Reeded Edge
  • Only US Coin of a Single Design to Be Minted at All Seven Mints

Liberty Head Quarter Eagle (1840-1907) Quick Facts

  • $2.50 Face Value
  • 90% Gold and 10% Silver
  • .12094 Troy Ounces of Gold
  • Reeded Edge

Liberty Head Gold Dollar (1849-1854) Quick Facts

  • $1 Face Value
  • 90% Gold and 10% Copper
  • .04837 Troy Ounces of Gold
  • Reeded Edge
  • First Minted and Circulated Gold Dollar Coin
  • Smallest Gold Currency Denomination Produced by US
  • Production was Disrupted by the Civil War

Liberty Head Double Eagle (1849-1907) Quick Facts

  • $20 Face Value
  • 90% Gold and 10% Copper
  • .96750 Troy Ounces of Gold
  • Reeded Edge
  • The Only Coins to Come in Three Versions: “No Motto,” “Light Motto,” and “Heavy Motto”
  • Most Popular Coin of Its Time

Top Reasons to Buy Pre-1933 Gold Liberty Head Coins

Any Liberty Head coin predating 1933 has a low population. Their rarity makes them highly desirable amongst collectors and investors alike. Not to mention, the Liberty Head design is one of the longest-running in the history of US gold coins. For investors, in particular, the Liberty gold coin is sought after because of its gold content. With 90% gold, it is an exceptional addition to any portfolio as it adds both value and depth.

If you are interested in collecting or investing in any Liberty gold coins, you should reach out to IPM. We have a wide assortment of pieces ranging from the 1900 gold coin to a Liberty gold dollar. Our experts are happy to help you find the right coin for your needs. You can call us or submit our online contact forms.

Liberty Head Design History

In 1792, the United States Congress passed the Mint Act, which established the Mint, the country’s standard unit of money, and the three denominations of officially authorized gold coins. While the first half eagle was stamped in 1795, the Liberty Head design wasn’t struck until 1838. From then on, it was struck on a variety of denominations until it came to an end in 1907.

It isn’t certain, but historians believe that the third Chief Engraver of the US Mint, Christian Gobrecht, was the creator of the $10 Liberty gold coin design. He designed the coin in 1838, and it was first struck on gold eagle pieces. Sometime during the following year, the design was modified, and it went through more changes through the tenure of both the fourth and fifth Chief Engravers.

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