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The 1861 Civil War Collection:The-1861-Civil-War-Hoard-Collection

With each collection purchased, you will receive:

  • An original 1861 Harper's Weekly Newspaper

  • The popular 115 page Civil War Vault replica book, with pop-outs, memorabilia and other extras

  • One 1861- P $20 Type I Gold Double Eagle in AU-55 grade or higher, with the Pedigree of the "Civil War Hoard" by NGC.

Introducing The 1861 Civil War Hoard Collection:  One of the Most Historically Significant Years in American History!

The United States of America 1861: After the 1860 presidential election of Abraham Lincoln, there were ominous clouds of discontent in America.  The country was deeply split over the issue of slavery.  What started out as a war of words, quickly became a war of hastily raised armies, dividing brother against brother, and splitting America in the middle. Eleven southern slave states declared their secession from the United States, forming the Confederate States of America (Confederacy) the other 25 states supported the federal government (Union).  The-1861-Civil-War-Hoard-Collection

President Lincoln pledged that Federal troops and state volunteers would take back by force those states in rebellion, while the Southerners began their siege of Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor. In April 1861, this triggered the start of the Civil War.

These big, beautiful Gold Type-I $20 Double Eagles were the favored choice of monetary exchange over the new U.S. Greenback currency, and large amounts of the 1861-P $20 gold pieces were shipped overseas to purchase the weapons and war supplies needed for the Union Troops. Some of this Civil War gold was hoarded away in old European Bank Vaults, where they were left untouched and forgotten for nearly 160 years. The-1861-Civil-War-Hoard-CollectionThe Civil War Hoard of 1861-P Double Eagles is one of the most exciting and historic discoveries in recent years!

Four original U.S. Mint bags, containing 250 gold coins each were brought back to the U.S., where they were graded and certified with the pedigree of the “Civil War Hoard”.

A History Buff's Dream!  As an additional bonus, receive an authentic
Includes an original 1861 Civil War Harper’s Weekly Newspaper.

Harper's Weekly, A Journal of Civilization was an American political magazine based in New York City. Published by Harper & Brothers from 1857 until 1916, it featured foreign and domestic news, fiction, essays on many subjects, and humor, alongside illustrations. It carried extensive coverage of the American Civil War, including many illustrations of events from the war. It was the most widely read journal in the United States throughout the period of the Civil War.

  • 1861 is one of the most historically significant years in American history, as it was the first year Civil War.
  • Demand for this date has been fueled by Civil War collectors who want an 1861 for their collection.
  • This is a rare opportunity to own a historic piece of Americana tied directly to the start of the Civil War.
  • In 1861, the U.S. sent 1861 Double Eagles overseas to pay for war supplies to fight the Civil War.
  • Some of the Civil War gold was hoarded away in old European Bank Vaults and forgotten.
  • The gold was left untouched and overlooked for nearly 160 years, until its recent discovery.
  • The coins are all original and still glowing with beautiful mint luster, and rich gold tones.
  • Four Mint bags, each containing 250 gold coins, were discovered and brought back home
  • The Civil War Hoard of 1861-P Double Eagles is one of the most exciting discoveries in recent years.

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