Edmund C. Moy’s Signature Coin

Edmund C. Moy’s Signature Coin
Edmund C. Moy is the 38th Director of the U.S. Mint and one of the leading rare coin experts alive today. He is a published author and frequent media correspondent on economic policy, with a focus on currency and precious metals. Moy’s book, American Gold and Platinum Eagles, is one of the pre-eminent references for coin collectors today. Over the past few years, Moy has been working closely with Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), a third-party rare coin certification, where he has an exclusive agreement to individually autograph labels of exceptional coins on behalf of the organization.

Moy’s Interest in Coin Collecting & the U.S. Mint

Coin collecting has been a long-time hobby of Moy, where his interest was first sparked when he worked the cash register of his parent’s Chinese-American restaurant in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His childhood dream was fulfilled when he was appointed the Director of the U.S. Mint, where he led one of the world’s largest manufactures of coins and medals. During his tenure as the 38th Director of the U.S. Mint, Moy made huge strides in the performance of the Mint where he grew revenue by over 200% and greatly expanded the bullion coin division of the U.S. Mint. Under his instruction, the U.S. Mint’s bullion coin production grew from a total revenue of $536 million to $2.8 billion over five years – an increase of over 422%. In addition, Moy also experimented with new coins after the successful release of 20th Anniversary Silver and Gold eagles –such as the Presidential Dollar and America is Beautiful quarters, which resulted in a huge surge of interest in rare coin collecting.

Achievements Outside of the U.S. Mint

Edmund Moy’s private sector achievements are also considerable and spread across many different industries. His initial focus was in healthcare, which is where he spent the first two decades of his career. Gradually, he began to build out his expertise in strategy and management consulting after a series of exceptional management. Moy’s talent was tapped by the U.S. government multiple times, where he helped streamline the state of Wisconsin’s Medicare process, saving $1 billion a year. He also served as a Special Assistant to the President, where he helped fill in key cabinet positions and found the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Today, he continues to grow companies and organizations through his role in many advisory boards.