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  • 10 Warnings That Threaten to Undermine Our Economy

    by Brock Smith,  National Sales Director

    “U.S. banks are sending signals that the country’s economic expansion is getting long in the tooth.”
    Aaron Back, The Wall Street Journal

    "Half of American CEOs expect a recession to strike by the end of 2019."
    - New York Times Survey

    “A market correction is a lot closer than you think."
    - Bob Laccino, Bloomberg

    “Brace for a market meltdown that may rival the 1929 crash.”
    - Ron Paul, CNBC

    Warning Signs are Multiplying

    As you may know, many leading market experts and respected economists are reaching a fever pitch as they sound the alarm that our economy may be teetering towards total disaster. They’re warning us that our record-high stock market is long overdue for a correction and that a full-blown recession could be on the horizon.

    If you take a step back and look at the current economic threats to our country, it becomes clear that they may very well be right. There is cause for alarm and we may be in real financial peril.

    The List:

    1. Our ongoing trade war with China.

    2. Our escalating tensions with Iran.

    3. Our deteriorating nuclear negotiations with North Korea.

    4. The power struggle and economic collapse of the Venezuelan Government.

    5. Our national debt is now soaring well over 20 Trillion dollars.

    6. Record high amounts of government and corporate debt.

    7. The intensifying crisis at our southern border.

    8. Concerns about the disturbing growth of socialism in our country.

    9. The alarming slowdown taking place in economies around the world.

    10. The frightening volatility and daily gyrations in our stock market.


    The Fed Surprises Everyone


    Additionally, the Federal Reserve recently surprised everyone by holding interest rates steady and then indicating that no more hikes will be coming this year. President Trump is now advocating for a Fed rate cut to help our ongoing trade war with China. That may be a sound strategy, but it is also another bone-chilling revelation about our stumbling economy.


    Smart Investors are Changing Course


    It’s for these reasons that astute investors are changing course and feeling compelled to move toward the safe haven of precious metals. Right now, our entire industry is witnessing a shocking increase in demand. Even central banks all over the globe are seeking protection from the financial storms ahead.

    According to the World Gold Council, central banks have added gold to their positions the most on record going back to 1971, when President Richard Nixon brought a formal end to the gold standard. In the final quarter of 2018 alone, central banks purchased as much as 195 tonnes; the most for any quarter on record. In the first quarter of this year, central banks bought a total of about $6 billion worth of gold - a startling increase of 68 percent compared with the same period a year earlier.

    Armed with this knowledge, one has to ask themselves, “If central banks are actively acquiring immense amounts of gold, shouldn’t I?” My answer is, “yes.” I urge you to add a significant amount of gold and other precious metals to your holdings as soon as you can, at levels that you are comfortable with.


    Watch The Indicators


    We saw warning indicators like the ones revealing themselves now in an eerily similar scenario leading up to the financial crisis in 2008. Prudent Americans began diversifying their portfolios by investing in substantial amounts of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins.

    We worked hand in hand with many of our clients to help them accumulate the perfect amount of precious metals to add to their holdings. They successfully weathered the crisis by recognizing the warning signs and taking the necessary actions to shield their exposure to the financial markets with real tangible assets.

    We learned a vital lesson in that those clients that prepared early, before the storm hit, were the ones that thrived when the turmoil lifted and skies finally cleared.


    Washington Is A Mess


    With the vitriol that exists in Washington D.C., I don’t think the current political atmosphere is poised to save us from a meltdown that may be coming our way. One thing is becoming abundantly clear. The writing is on the wall, and It’s time that we all pay attention. We should take the necessary steps now to help protect ourselves and our family’s hard earned savings.

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  • What is the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee?

    The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, CCAC was formed in 2003. It serves as a replacement for the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee, which though similar, had a more limited role. The CCAC functions as a representative of the interests of American citizens and coin collectors.


    It was established to advise the Secretary of the Treasury  on proposed themes or designs for circulating coinage, bullion coinage, Congressional Gold Medals, national and other medals. The CCAC also makes recommendations  with regard to the events, people, or places to be commemorated on coins in each of the five calendar years  following the year in which a  commemorative coin designation is made.


    CCAC portland-oregon-convention-center


    They also make recommendations with respect to the mintage level for any commemorative coin. The Secretary makes the final decision on all coins based on the committee's recommendations.


    The committee is comprised of 11 members whose job it is to offer experienced an impartial advice to the Secretary of the Treasury, spends hours determining how money looks and how moments in American history will be perceived by future generations. Of the 11, four members are recommended by House and Senate leadership. Currently, those four are Donald Scarinci, Mike Moran, Thomas J. Uram and Mary Lannin. It is mandated that one person on the committee be an expert in the study or collection of currency, also known as numismatics.


    CCAC coin-collectingDr. Michale Bugeja fills that seat. One member -  currently Robert Hoge - must be an expert in the curation of numismatics. The committee must also have an expert in medallic art – Heidi Wastweet -  and an American historian – Dr. Herman Viola. The remaining three are drawn from the general public. Those currently include Erik Jansen, Gary Marks and Jeanne Stevens-Sollman.


    A public meeting of the CCAC is set for 9:30 a.m. until 6:45 p.m. Thursday, March 5 in Room 151 of the Oregon Convention Center at 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in Portland, Oregon. Agenda items include the review and consideration of candidate designs for the 2016 Mark Twain Commemorative Coin Program, the Monuments Men Recognition Act Congressional Gold Medal Program, the Code Talkers Recognition Congressional Gold Medal Program for the Rosebud Tribe, and the Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin.The CCAC will also review and advise on design concepts for the 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters Program Coins, the Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coin and Bronze Medal, and the 2017 Lions Clubs International Century of Service Commemorative Coin Program.


    The CCAC will also host a public forum the next day, Friday, March CCAC professional-business-meeting-image6, 2015, at 9 a.m. in Room 149 to receive input from collectors and other members of the public. Any member of the public interested in submitting matters for the CCAC’s consideration or addressing the CCAC at the Public Forum is asked to submit them by fax to the following number: 202–756–6525.


    For more information write to William Norton, United States Mint Liaison to the CCAC; 801 9th Street

    NW., Washington, DC 20220; or call 202–354–7200.

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