2017 American Gold Buffalo First Day of Issue MS-70 NGC Grade Hand-Signed by Edmund C. Moy

2017 American Gold Buffalo Early Releases MS-69 NGC

2017 1 OZ American Gold Buffalo Early-Releases MS-69 NGC

2014 $25 MS-69 American Gold Eagle Edmund C. Moy Signature Label "Key Date"

International Precious Metals has an exclusive allocation of limited edition 2014 MS-69 $25 American Eagle Gold coins signed by former U.S. Mint Director Edmund C. Moy.

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  • Our Extremely Limited Inventory is available only to preferred IPM clients!
  • “Key Date” $25 Gold Eagles with similar mintage numbers have consistently moved up in value even when gold spot price has fallen. 
  • Genuine, Legal Tender.
  • Weight and Purity Guaranteed by the U.S. Government.
  • Sell out is Expected!

International Precious Metals has an exclusive allocation of limited edition 2014 MS-69 $25 American Eagle Gold coins signed by former U.S. Mint Director Edmund C. Moy.  Take advantage of preferred client pricing while supplies last.  Gold is surging as smart investors and collectors seek safe haven assets! Now is the time to add "Key Date" $25 American Gold Eagles to your portfolio.  

The United States Mint's final mintage for the 2014 $25 American Gold Eagle is 35,000 pieces. This remarkable mintage number places the 2014 issue as a “Key Date” in the series and among the rarest $25 Gold Eagles. International Precious Metals has been recommending "Key Date" $25 American Gold Eagle coins as part of a diversified metals portfolio since 1995.  There is a 25 year track record of these coins being among the most profitable pieces in mint history.  Our limited allocation is almost gone! Call Your IPM account representative today to learn more about building a precious metals strategy that can weather tough economic times. With an official mintage of 35,000 pieces the 2014 $25 American Gold Eagle is now the 3rd Rarest  “Key Date” $25 American Gold Eagle!

Why Buy a Key $25 Gold American Eagle Coin?
The Key $25 Gold American Eagle coin has tremendous investment value, due to its historical significance as well as other gold-related aspects:

  • Until 1933, the U.S. Government was producing gold coins, up until President Franklin Roosevelt suspended it. It wasn’t until President Ronald Reagan over 50 years later did we see the resumption of gold coin production.
  • The $25 Gold American Eagle Coin is the first ever $25 legal tender gold coin in U.S. history, created in 1986. From 1986 to 1991 these Gold Eagles were produced with Roman numerals.
  • Since 1986, the United States Mint is legally required by law to produce enough Gold American Eagles so that they meet public demand.
  • The reason why the key $25 Gold American Eagle coin is particularly valuable is because it is the least produced Gold Eagle coin, while the $50 one ounce Gold American Eagle and the $5 one tenth ounce Gold American Eagle are the most produce. Due to its comparative scarcity, the $25 coin is the most sought after in terms of value. Also, due to its low mintage, it is referred to as the ‘key’ coin for any American Gold Eagle coin collection
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