1844 C Liberty Head $2.50 AU-53 NGC

1844 C Liberty Head $2.50 AU-53 NGC

1854 O $3 Gold MS-62 Grade by NGC

1854 O $3 Gold MS-62 Grade by NGC

1870 Carson City $10 Liberty Eagle AU-50 by NGC

1870 CC $10 Liberty Eagle AU-50 by NGC
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  • The Rarest and Most Famous Carson City Eagle!
  •  First Year of Issue
  •  Mintage: Just 5,908 coins.
  •  NGC Population:  Only 6 coins!

 The Wild West. It’s a term that instantly invokes visions of cowboys and outlaws. A land of unforgiving deserts, never-ending horizons and quite literally, “fields of gold.”
While the port town of San Francisco was bustling from the riches found in the California Gold Fields, Nevada held a new dream for bewildered travelers looking into the mirage of the desert for a better life.

The Comstock Lode. In 1859, an immense trove of silver ore was discovered on the eastern slope of Mount Davidson in the “Western Utah Territory,” today near Carson City, Nevada. Shortly thereafter, prospectors struck GOLD.

The immense population boom over the next decade led to the creation of the Carson City Mint. Although some dies of the Carson City Mint were ready to go in December of 1869, none were actually used to strike a coin until 1870.

As a First Year of Issue, a 1870-CC coin of any denomination is a prize. A Silver Dollar, while still highly desirable, can be found without much effort. A Half Dollar becomes quite the challenge, but a $5, $10 or $20 becomes a serious stumbling block in the completion of any prestigious collection.

The $10 Eagle was a work-horse of the Wild West. It would have been a viable and highly commercial denomination to conduct business with. One can instantly dream up images of pioneers spending the coin in a local store to stock up on what he needed for his journeys. Or a couple of cocky cowboys perhaps using the coin in a poker game at the local saloon while enjoying a few beers. The stories an 1870-CC $10 can tell are immense, and in comparison to the price of a $20 it’s a sensational deal.

With only 5,908 minted, all examples are rare. Collectors from all over the World desire it, and with less than 60 or so examples known it’s an incredible challenge.

Most known examples grade no better than VF to XF at best. An AU example is extremely rare, with perhaps fewer than 15 known in total and NONE are known in Mint State!

The market for 1870-CC gold coinage has been skyrocketing with renewed vigor just in the last couple of years, and they were always met with insatiable demand to begin with!

You’d be hard pressed to find a finer example on the open market and when you do, it will be significantly more expensive than the present.

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